Dividend Reinvestment Plan

Altius Minerals Corporation (the “Corporation”) Dividend Reinvestment Plan (the “Plan”) offers a convenient way for shareholders to maximize their investment in the Corporation by reinvesting their quarterly cash dividends to acquire additional common shares of the corporation at a discount of up to 5% of the purchase price.


The two links below are the full Dividend Reinvestment Plan text giving you all the information about eligibility and enrollment, along with the enrollment form. The enrollment form should be used only if you are a registered shareholder who holds the shares directly in your own name. Most shareholders are non-registered beneficial shareholders who hold their shares at a brokerage account. If you are a non-registered shareholder who wishes to participate in the Plan, you should contact your financial advisor, broker, investment dealer, bank or other financial institution that holds your common shares to request enrollment in the Plan. For more information on how to enroll or any other inquiries, please contact Altius at [email protected] or the Plan transfer agent at 1.866.600.5869 or [email protected]