Capital Structure

Financial discipline and protection of capital structure are enduring hallmarks of Altius business plan and serves as the platform for its continued growth. Altius balances its capital allocation between debt repayment, shareholder capital returns (via dividends or share buybacks), direct royalty acquisition opportunities and low cost exploration initiatives.

Officers and directors of the company hold approximately 6.3% of the issued and outstanding shares (as of October 2020), and we have repurchased shares on a yearly basis under our Normal Course Issuer Bid ("NCIB").  On a year to date basis (Sept 2020), approximately 644,000 shares have been purchased and canceled. 

Market Facts As of Sept 13, 2020
Common Shares Issued/Outstanding 41,450,126
Fairfax Preferred Shares 10,000,000
Options 580,331
Warrants (@$14) 400,000
Fairfax warrants (@$15) 6,670,000
Fully Diluted 49,460,627
Annual Dividend $0.20 per share
Total Debt $147 million
Insider Ownership 6.3%
Cusip # 020936