Naranka Cu-Ni-PGE (Finland)

  • Altius’ wholly-owned, 18,255 Ha Naranka Project (Reservation) has the potential to host a significant magmatic Ni-Cu-PGE deposit like the Finnish examples; Kevitsa, Sakatti and Arctic Platinum (refer to Figure 1).
  • The Naranka Project is underlain by the 2.44 Ga Tornio-Narankavarra belt defined by an array of large sulphide-bearing, mafic to ultramafic intrusions and conduits, sulphidic sediments and mafic volcanics, and importantly, is situated on a major crustal break marked by discrete gravity and magnetic anomalies (refer to Figure 2).
  • The Naranka area has been explored mainly for PGE deposits, with limited modern EM work, especially over the smaller, high MgO ultramafic bodies peripheral to the main intrusion. Lithogeochemical studies indicates several pulses of magma have occurred at Naranka.
  • Discrete, untested EM conductors have recently been identified in the main Naranka Intrusion (2006 SkyTEM). Scout drilling by GTK in the Takanen belt intersected high MgO olivine cumulate ultramafic rocks with traces of inter-cumulate sulphides.
  • Altius’ 2017 TDEM (SkyTEM) survey detected numerous conductors in the Takanen area and cursory ground follow-up late in 2017 located mafic and ultramafic boulders with minor amounts of magmatic sulphides (refer to Figure 3).
  • Plans for 2018 includes continued ground follow-up, including ground magnetics and EM of priority SkyTEM survey conductors to get to the drill-testing stage.

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