Mount Isa Zn-Pb-Ag-Cu Project

Altius Australia Pty Ltd holds a 100% interest in 6 granted Exploration Permit for Minerals with 1 additional tenement under application (total land area = 1,550km, (see Figure 1.). The Proterozoic Mount Isa Inlier is host to multiple world class, sediment-hosted Zn-Pb-Ag deposits (including Mt Isa, George Fisher, Century, Dugald River and Cannington). The Inlier is Australia’s best-endowed Zn province with an overall endowment just over 125mT Zn equivalent contained in 14 deposits (Figure 2.). In addition to Zn-Pb-Ag, the same Proterozoic sequences are host to significant Cu deposits including Mt Isa, Ernest Henry, and Osbourne.

The Mount Isa deposits have been mined continuously since the 1920’s, and the broader region continues to support 3 Zn-Pb-Ag, and 5 Cu(Cu-Au) mining operations.

Altius’ permits were pegged in 2017 over high priority targets generated by the State-funded NW Qld. Mineral Province Study. They remain largely untested covering highly prospective stratigraphy under alluvial cover.

The project area can be explored from April until November and is well accessed by main and secondary roads. Mount Isa is a mining-friendly jurisdiction, and there is a strong framework of local support and expertise, and benefits from Australia’s reputation and stability as a mining jurisdiction.


EPM26518, EPM26514
The Thorntonia Project targets Isa/Century style zinc-lead-silver mineralisation. The area is under shallow to moderate cover interpreted to be mainly less than 100m. EPM26514 boasts an untested magnetic anomaly identified by CRAE in the 1990’s which remains untested due to ‘difficult drilling conditions’

EPMs26515, 26519, 26520
The Dajarra Project targets Isa/Century style zinc-lead-silver mineralisation. The area is under cover interpreted to be mainly less than 150m. The target stratigraphy is interpreted to be Gun supersequence, situated in ideal CS2 or Wonga age structural sites.

The Min Min Project targets Cannington-style Silver-Lead-Zinc mineralisation. The area is under 300 + metres of cover, with the interpreted basement lithology being Norna Quartzite of the Soldier’s Cap group. The structural setting is interpreted to be at the intersection of CS2 and CS3 transfer faults.

The Surprise Project targets Isa/Century style zinc-lead-silver mineralisation. Cover interpreted between 100 and 200m. Target stratigraphy intersected by previous explorers is confirmed in the Altius ground. The tenement application is in 2 parts straddling the Bluebush Zn Project held by Pursuit Minerals.

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