Carbon Development Partnership (Western Canada)

In May 2014 Altius consolidated 100% ownership interest in the Carbon Development Partnership ("CDP") previously held as a 50/50 joint arrangement between Sherritt International and Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board. CDP holds a portfolio of production stage royalties on potash and electrical coal operations that is anticipated to generate ~$3m per annum as well as more than 9000 square kms of mineral land holdings covering extensive coal and potash mineral resources, some of which represent deposit extensions to currently producing mines. The undeveloped resource lands include ~12 billion tonnes of undeveloped coal reserves and resources in Western Canada and ~2 billion tonnes of inferred potash resources in Saskatchewan. Altius sees the opportunity to generate new royalties, project joint ventures and/or spin out companies in accordance with our proven track record to attract developers through joint venture arrangements.

There are several specific projects within the CDP portfolio that have defined thermal coal resources prospective for domestic electrical power generation and have been subject to advanced project level studies and evaluations, some of which include: Judy Creek, Dodds-Roundhill, Tower, and Bow City. Other projects, like Telkwa, offer export thermal coal potential with defined resources proximal transport infrastructure. There is also considerable investment ongoing in the commercial development of Carbon Capture technology like that by SaskPower at the Boundary Plant which if successful could afford Altius immense opportunity for the development of its existing coal resources and potential extension and/or expansion of certain royalties it receives on current producing mine mouth coal operations in its Prairies Royalties portfolio.

A map illustrating the various holdings within the CDP portfolio is provided here and project specific summaries (teasers) of a few of the noted projects above are available to the right.

Altius is currently evaluating the CDP portfolio and seeking partners to advance various projects.

If you would like to learn more of the CDP projects available for joint venture or option please contact Chad Wells @

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