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Rocanville (potash)
Prairie Royalties

40 km north Moosomin, Saskatchewan, Canada



Asset Profile
2018 Royalty Revenue $8.9 million
Annual production capacity 6.5 mt
Estimated Mine Life 40 years as per operator as of Dec 31 2018

The Rocanville mine is a conventional underground mining operation located approximately 40 km north of the Trans-Canada Highway near Moosomin, Saskatchewan. Rocanville was the last potash mine to come on-stream in Saskatchewan after being completed in the early 1970s. Potash ore is excavated at the mining face underground and transported by conveyor belt to the bottom of the production shaft and hoisted to the mill where it is processed into the final concentrated muriate of potash product. A major refurbishment and expansion of the Rocanville mine was completed in 2013, increasing nameplate capacity to 6.5 million tonnes of finished potash products per year. This work involved construction of a third shaft, enhancement of hoists and shaft conveyances, major expansions of both mine and mill, improvements to loadout facilities, and some infrastructure improvements. All construction was carried out without significant disruption to existing potash production from the site.

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