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All-Canadian royalty portfolio

Paintearth (thermal coal)
Prairie Royalties

175km southeast of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Westmoreland Coal Company

Utility Company

Electrical Coal "mine mouth" (tonnage based royalties with no commodity price exposure)

Asset Profile
2018 Royalty Revenue $0.4 million
Annual production capacity 3.1 mt

The Paintearth Mine is located in the Central Plains region of Alberta, Canada approximately 175km southeast of Edmonton, Alberta. The mine has been in operation since 1956 and has an annual production capacity of 3.1 mt. Coal produced from the mine is used as a fuel source for ATCO’s Battle River coal fired power station, which is located approximately 25km southeast of the mine.

Altius royalty revenue expected to end in roughly 2021 based on expected sequencing.

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