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Cheviot (metallurgical coal)
Prairie Royalties

west central Alberta, Canada


Metallurgical Coal

Asset Profile
LTM (as of December 31, 2017) Royalty Revenue $2.7 million
Annual production capacity 2.0 mt
Reserves 16,700 t (as per Teck's 2017 AIF)
Estimated Mine Life 8 years, although 2017 AIF states "proven and probable reserves at Cardinal River are projected to support mining for a further 8 years. However, mining beyond 2019 will require the coal price to remain high for a sustained period of time"

The Cheviot (Cardinal River) metallurgical coal mine is wholly owned by Teck Resources and is located in west central Alberta.

Royalty revenue from Cheviot is not as stable as the thermal coal royalty revenue in the Prairies Royalties portfolio as it is based upon the realized selling price of Cheviot metallurgical coal thus varies with market price.

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