Environmental & Social Stewardship

The best leaders lead by example.

Altius recognizes the importance of protecting our natural environmental. Mineral exploration activities are therefore conducted in a manner that minimizes potential adverse impacts.

We believe in establishing long-term relationships with the communities near which we work. We make great efforts to maintain open lines of communications with communities, stakeholders and government organizations.

Altius strives to avoid negative impacts on communities and enhance positive ones. Giving back to these communities is therefore essential. Altius is proud to support a variety of initiatives that promote recreation, science, culture and environmental protection.

The ROLES Project:

The Restoration of Labrador Exploration Sites (ROLES) Inc. is a project initiated and coordinated by Altius' Manager of Environmental Affairs & Community Relations Kaylen Hill to identify and clean abandoned exploration sites throughout Labrador. On June 5th, 2015 ROLES was awarded the 2015 Newfoundland and Labrador Environmental Award in the category of Community Group or Organization.

Please see the press release regarding the project and award and for further information also see the brochure below for more details on this important initiative.

For additional information, please contact Kaylen Janes (

The ROLES Project - Restoration of Labrador Exploration Sites View Brochure

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